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Bluegate Global Links is a registered Market Research Agency that provides marketing strategy and business planning services for small, medium scale business and entrepreneurs.

Bluegate Global Links specializes in market research aimed at supporting customer acquisition and retention strategies.

For us, providing your company with the knowledge to succeed is our key driver.

Our Process

The modern world is in a continuous movement and brands are looking to stay relevant. Market research ensures you stay relevant to your target audience


Defining the problem is more or less taking your product and service and finding out how that product or service will fit into the current marketplace. We need to research your product or service to see if the targeted audience responds favorably or unfavorably to it

The next step is to develop the market research plan.  The research plan will allow us sort out the research technique to deploy to best collect the data and information you need to make a reasonable marketing decision.

Once we have the research plan laid out, we deploy the methodology required to gather the needed data, then we start the actual data collection.

when we have collected and collated all the data that needed , we proceed to data analysis to make sure it is relevant and pertains to your product or service, then we come up with the final report.

Ultimate Services For Your Business


Employee Research

The Employee research is designed to systematically gather the opinion, attitude & feeling of staff in an organisation.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction survey is designed to help your business understand what your customers think of your products, services and brand.


Product Testing

Product testing is a research methodology allowing businesses to collect qualitative and quantitative information about consumer's potential consumption/usage behaviour, preferences, and reactions on your product stand alone or vis-à-vis competition. You allow your audience taste your meal and collect their reaction on taste, smell, packaging etc.


Media Effectiveness

Designed to measure the strength of your communication medium and advertising.


Awareness Attitude & Usage

AAU is a tracking study recording changes in consumer attitude towards your brand.


Price Research

Price Research is designed to measure the impact of change in price on the demand of your product.


Mystery Shopper

Designed to measure the quality of your sales, services and staff performance, a continuous assessment of all outlets or branches, and to check on the policy compliance level. It is also used to gather specific information about competition and detect fraud.

Will consumers use your product or services?

At what price will consumers buy your products / services?

How best should you communicate your products and services to your Target Audience?

Good Market Research helps you find the answers to these questions, enabling a fast and effective decision making and action taking process.

Our Reach

We conduct interviews in any part of the country with exception of trouble prone North-Eastern states.We have standby causal staff in kano, Enugu and Abuja with over a hundred casual staff nationwide.

What Our Awesome Clients Say About Our Work

The quality of work that Bluegate Global produces is always very high, even with an extremely tight timing. What is particularly impressive is their attitude –they are very professional both in the way they work with us and the way they solve research problems

Mrs Bukola Bisade-philips
TBWA Concepts

Bluegate Global has an excellent client side experience backed up with professional understanding of the role research plays in brands and communication process

Wale Kamodi
IPSOS Nigeria

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